Vocaloid - Kagamine Len Life? I have no life. ;v;



Actual representation of what happens when you and your friend have class together.


Hey guys! I’m gonna be doing commissions.

If you would like a commission please specify what it is you would like or if you have any pricing questions please ask me via fanmail or by my email at: vocagirlbren@hotmail.com; please allow 24-48 hours for a reply as I am busy sometimes and if I have not replied by the time frame given please re-send your message as I may have not received it. If you wish to see more of my art, you can click on the "my art" button located on my blog!

In your commission message please include references if you wish for me to draw an OC and the type of commission you are interested in and then I will send you my paypal address. The commission piece will be started once I receive the payment and once I am done I will send you the image in a .png or.jpg file (your choice between the two.) Lastly, if you do not wish for me to upload the drawing to tumblr please specify that in your message to me.  ALL PRICES ARE IN USD

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and even if you don’t have the money or interest, I ask you to please reblog this to spread the word. Thank you once again! ;w; 

This is the last time I’ll reblog this but please help me spread the word

My family recently hit a huge downfall and our economic situation has just plummeted and I was hoping to make at least something to help pay groceries or if not help with other things money-wise.

being slaine is suffering

Slaine Troyard, you mean harm for our cause…. How is it not, Dr. Troyard?




I honestly love speaking in Spanish fast so white people can’t use their 9th grade Spanish skills to translate it to English fast enough

then that makes you a huge asshole.

Mira aquí pendeja, me importa un carajo lo que piensas


the most important 5 seconds in all of metal gear history and quite possibly video game history as a whole